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March 1 - April 2, 2017

Opening Reception
Friday, March 3
6-830 pm

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Carol McMahon: "Specimentos"

I began this new body of work—small paintings on chunks of canvas and paper, acrylic gel pours into plastic containers, and constructions made with wood, found objects and paint—by reexamining some of my old work and looking at things I’ve collected over the years. 

I started by cutting out pieces I liked from my larger works and setting aside the rest. On this new foundation of saved pieces, I built layers of things: some buried under paint, some on the surface, some just barely perceived. Besides adding color, I employed surfaces that were matt, shiny, or crusty, as well as irregular edges—playing them all with and against each other.

As I worked, I recognized that the saved pieces are mementos, reminders of the past. And that both the paintings and constructions had become active in a new way, becoming new specimens…specimentos of things known and unknown.












Barbara Burgess Maier: "Time Being"

Outer noticings and inner musings occupy my time being. They become the visual manifestation of my response to being a sentient and reflective being.

This exhibition includes mixed media paintings on canvas and drawings and prints on paper… from 8' x 6' to 14" square. Whether responding to the complexities of our natural world, or those inside ourselves and others, all is stored and cultivated in my artist’s heart long enough to emerge as time compressions and pure outpourings of my creative sensibilities.

The essential elements embedded in the process of these visual translations are to remain open, honest, and vulnerable while staying alert and responsive to the evolving formal and emotional aspects of the work. Marks and strokes make their way out and into my work in the most honest creative moment I can make possible while keeping my balance over the edge of knowing and not knowing.

That balancing requires both discipline and risk-taking and is fueled by the energy and excitement of the process itself. 



























































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