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Nov 1 - 26, 2017

Opening Reception
Friday, November 3
6-8:30 pm

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Julia Talcott
"Three Wishes"



Dreams, Desires, Delusions. What do we want in life and how do we get it? The story of Aladdin is simultaneously a fantasy and a cautionary tale. My work in this show is a consideration of the possibilities. 

Woodcut multiples are a starting point to my exploration of the subject. Using different plates and printed paper I print and collage each piece into it’s own unique finished state.











Tracy Hayes



Connections and patterns are acknowledged as they emerge in intersections and crevices, in an attempt to comprehend the contradictions and stressors of daily life. In an increasingly complicated, chaotic and noisy environment, I am concerned with role of individual voice. Efforts in struggling to reach out and chart a path, buffeted and twisted by external forces—these are the catalyst.
 Striving outward, pushing forward, digging out, uncovering, all these are essential impulses to counteract being acted upon, buried, usurped and held back.

Each piece starts with a version of a same mark, which is expanded with acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and graphite powder. Works look inward, exploring inner currents and touching upon the synaptic and automatic.





























































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