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Jan 31 - Feb 25, 2018

Opening Reception
Friday, February 2
6-8:30 pm

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Bromfield Prints

Eight gallery artists showcase a range of experimental to traditional approaches.

Laurie Alpert
Gayle Caruso
Nancy Diessner
Daniel Feldman
Ted Ollier
Lisa Olson
Vivian Pratt 
Julia Talcott



I make Artists’ Books because, for quite some time, my prints had included music and a variety of different types of text. Each piece was sequential but confined to the rectangle, and it made perfect sense to me to transform the work into book form. I became more and more interested in sculptural forms and the different ways in which books can be bound (or unbound).  

The images begin with photographs that I’ve taken of seemingly mundane things; this book began with a photograph that I took of twigs sticking out of the snow. I then manipulate them and turn them into Polyester Plate Lithographs, and transform them into sculptural, unique books. The origin of the work is inconsequential--it is the alteration that gives the image its new life.



Silkscreen and photo on vintage paper, 18” x 12”

From the Leonard Cohen poem: ”There is a crack in everything that is how the light sets in .”



Hinterland 1-3 (shown: Hinterland 1)

The three prints in this series are all photo-etchings that depend in equal measure on digital image manipulation, photography, and drawing. The landscapes created by this blend of traditional and digital processes carve out and twist space with an urgency intended to express the natural world under threat.



Each of these digital prints begins on a foundation of several photo images. I combine and manipulate those in Photoshop generating other images. Throughout the process the developing work also calls for painterly moves. It’s that mix, the whole way through: digital manipulations that boil down to untold calculations involving pixels, together with digital painting that might about as easily have been done in oil or acrylic.



Monotyping is a amalgamation of printing and painting; a single image is created on a flat plate using brushes and rollers, then is printed on an intaglio press on paper. Only one full print is possible, there is no edition created. But some of the ink remains on the plate, and this ink contains a ghost of the original image. It is then possible to create new works that contain some seed of what came before.

These prints were printed in series, to explore the various layering subtleties that might happen over several pulls. They were printed using Daniel Smith relief ink thinned with flash oil, #3 plate oil and transparent ink base. Notice how simple black shapes transform into lighter and lighter grays, layering with new marks, until they finally disappear. 



Untitled 1801
15" x 23"
Pigment inkjet print

I've been experimenting with printmaking and love the element of surprise as the print comes off the press. I then often bring the image to the computer for further modifications.  For this image I used Photoshop to combine an abstract monoprint with a photo of a relief work made of handmade paper and plant material.  



My "ClearCut" series is an exploration of the 3-D shaped print.  It is a layered, personal interpretation of the environment done in black and white linocut print and collage. It's form is born of my love of the woods, Japanese prints and set design.











Rebekah Lord Gardiner
"Accumulations of Time and Place"



There is a quiet expansion of space in time. In that expansive space sits a clustering of material.

Accumulations building, and then breaking down, are the quotidian actions of our existence. These accretions and erosions are our histories traversing past to present through an immersive experience.

As a mixed media artist, I will be using video, prints, drawings, weavings, and installations to envelop the viewer into the daily passage of time.....taking the ephemeral and making it concrete.
































































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